Your Story – Deserted


The tree awakens itself in the silent evening wind, but there is still no difference. She rustles her leaves ever so slightly, straining her ears in the twilight silence to hear…


With a heavy sigh, she adjusts her branches again and pulls them close around her to block out the unearthly silence.

It wasn’t always like this. Once, long ago…

But then, it is never good to dwell too long on the past.

The tree sleeps while the artistic clouds above her paint a soft purple blanket over lives that once were.


Your Story: Riverside

Your Story: Riverside.

What secret does the rag reveal?

What dark, mysterious past?

Are we to ever know the truth

of why it hangs so fast?

There’s something in the way it sways

when winter’s breeze blows by

that feels so living one must stop

and wait to hear it sigh.

It sighs, indeed, though you must strain

and only some have heard,

but those who have can feel the pain

encompassed in the word.

With pain so deep, it must have lived

in sweet tranquility;

in any other case, it would be happy

to be free.

But not this rag.  Although today

it only flutters there,

within its heart, it sighs because

its secrets can’t be shared.