It’s a Funny Kind of World

It’s a funny kind of world
Where the people that we know
Are the cowards who are fearless,
Or the warriors coming home

It’s a funny kind of world
Where the ones who think they’re strong
Aren’t the ones that fight for freedom
Or the ones who right our wrongs

It’s a funny kind of world
When the fearless have no pluck
And the victory of heroes
Is attributed to luck.

It’s a funny kind of world
Where a veteran is not seen
As deserving of the honor
He should have from those he’s freed

It’s a funny kind of world
Where the people that we know
Either don’t deserve to be here
Or can’t be sure they’ll make it home

It’s a funny kind of world
Where the ones who’ve earned it best
Don’t get the chance to live here
After standing every test

It’s a funny kind of world
Where the red, the white, the blue
Stand for every kind of freedom
But don’t call for a salute

It’s a funny kind of world
When the ones who did the most
Don’t just miss the celebration:
They’re forgotten by the host

I’m done with this funny world
I don’t get it, anyway
I will not forget the reasons
That we have Memorial Day


This poem is a tribute to the fallen, but also a heartfelt thank you to those who serve to protect us at all times and on all fronts.



Memorial Day Post

“Your task is not to fight, or to die, but to remember those who fight and die. For in the end, if no one remembers, their sacrifices were for nothing.”


Although I do not know the author of this quote, it spoke to me, more on this weekend than any other time, probably.  Monday is Memorial Day, and although most of us will spend our time at the newly opened pools, or maybe at a family picnic somewhere, we should never forget that there are many others that will not be celebrating as joyfully as us.


They say the ultimate sacrifice is giving your own life in the line of duty, but while I respect those who have given everything they had to give, in my opinion, the ultimate sacrifice is made by the relatives, the friends, and buddies of those who are killed in the line of duty.  Those who now live with determined effort, not only just to live, which is hard enough alone, but living to forever honor the name and memory of the precious person that gave their all to protect them.  Those who will go home alone, many times with a feeling of guilt, thinking that they’ve failed the friend who came home draped in flag, if at all.  Those who deal with so much on their own, but in light of the heroism of the person they continue to so greatly admire, they will work without fail to honor those deserving and never fail to follow them into the line of duty with their prayers and support.

To every mother, father, sibling, spouse, child, and friend of a true hero, you know who you are, and I applaud you.  We cannot bring back your heroes, but thanks to you we will never forget them or their sacrifice.

You are my hero, and I salute you.