Puppies and Pride

People really think that they’re a lot more important than they actually are. My puppy accidentally taught me that tonight.


We have a pen that we set up sometimes to keep her away from the stairs, but recently she has figured out how to open it.

Tonight, we adjusted it so that her usual trick won’t work, and when she went running to the top of the stairs and couldn’t get through, she gave me a puppy look that clearly said, “But, Ari, I was just figuring out how to get through it!”

It was when I answered her with, “Some things exist to protect you, not prove your ability to get through them,” that I made the connection.

How many times have these words crossed our lips in prayer: “God, I don’t understand! I was just starting to be able to handle it!” or “It was just starting to make sense!”?

Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

I’m here to propose a shocking idea. What if, sometimes, the things God puts in our paths aren’t about us proving ourselves? What if the setbacks aren’t Him saying that we’re ready for a bigger challenge? What if it’s not about our ability at all?

What if the trials are there sometimes to show us that it’s time to let go?