Puppies and Pride

People really think that they’re a lot more important than they actually are. My puppy accidentally taught me that tonight.


We have a pen that we set up sometimes to keep her away from the stairs, but recently she has figured out how to open it.

Tonight, we adjusted it so that her usual trick won’t work, and when she went running to the top of the stairs and couldn’t get through, she gave me a puppy look that clearly said, “But, Ari, I was just figuring out how to get through it!”

It was when I answered her with, “Some things exist to protect you, not prove your ability to get through them,” that I made the connection.

How many times have these words crossed our lips in prayer: “God, I don’t understand! I was just starting to be able to handle it!” or “It was just starting to make sense!”?

Do you see where I’m going with this yet?

I’m here to propose a shocking idea. What if, sometimes, the things God puts in our paths aren’t about us proving ourselves? What if the setbacks aren’t Him saying that we’re ready for a bigger challenge? What if it’s not about our ability at all?

What if the trials are there sometimes to show us that it’s time to let go?


Newly Commissioned 2LT Buried at Sea by Girlfriend and Siblings


It’s been a great weekend!

My family and I went to a very special person’s commissioning, and now we’re taking advantage of the nearby attractions (i. e. The Ocean) before heading back home.

I have made a major plot development in my book that will assist in leading to my climax, and I’ve even thought about studying for my major Maths test! (Yeah, that’s right. Look at me being all studious!)

In other news, I was recently introduced to you tuber “blndsundoll4mj” and have since decided that if Americans get any more stupid, we’ll die out in the next five years.

If you don’t believe me, she has a very informative video on Hitler. I won’t put the link here, because I don’t want my blog to ever be associated with it, but it can’t be too hard to find. Anyway, if you still don’t believe me, she has a video called “Do Dogs Have Brains” that will set you right once and for all.

Beach, Commissioning, Stupid. Yep, that’s about it!

Unlike annoying graduation speakers, I have no closing thoughts. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon!

The Return of the Sea God

I’m not sure if you remember Poseidon, my gorgeous sea blue Rolings guitar, and his striking strap from Zeus himself.

I’m not sure if I remember him either.

It all started with his theatrical debut around the start of school. That was all fine and good, because he’s a great show stopper, but I’m afraid he couldn’t handle the heartless criticism.

He became withdrawn and listless.

I love Poseidon, so naturally, I couldn’t bear to see him like this and when he hid in his closet, I let him be.

Today, though, he has announced his return to the land of the loving, and as I’m sure we’re all very glad to have him back, maybe I should write a song to welcome him.

Do you think I should, or would that just embarrass him?


And wuv…twoo wuv…will fowow woo…fawebuh

My feet hurt. My back is killing me. Basically my entire left hand has been jammed in the past week, the most recent being eight hours ago. My face got a little closer to the ball than I’d planned. I ran almost the entire game. My legs are dying on me.
There is not a muscle on me that is not complaining painfully.
The single reason I am in any pain at the moment is because of something I had to do for basketball.
I put absolutely 200% into our game and we still lost by thirty.

But tomorrow, you know where I’ll be?
And you know where I’ll be after that?
Study hall.
But do you know where I’ll be as soon as study hall is over?
I’ll be on that court pouring my energy into improving my game.

Our next game is Friday.

If we win, I will never lose my love for my sport, but if we lose, I will still always love this game.


Basketball happens to be my passion, the one thing I can do no matter what mood I’m in and feel better for it, and my first true love.

I absolutely have my brothers and coaches to thank for that, but a bad coach or a family problem can’t take it away.

So this post is for all the teams that have ever beat mine, all the players that ever trash talked my game, and all the boys that don’t think I’m good enough to play with them:


Caption This: Screenshot


There you go! Challenge. Excitement. Adventure. Contest. Caption.

Wait…this is the post, not the tags. My bad.

Question of the week: Can you get addicted to Wheaties and Cheerios?

For the past two or three weeks, I’ve had one of those two cereals for breakfast every morning. I eat something normal for lunch, and then I eat more cereal either for dinner or before bed.

Now I can’t get into a normal schedule without cereal. Seriously, my mom made waffles this morning, and I ate some, but I wasn’t ready to take on the day. I ate cereal, and now I’m more ready to be alive.

Next up, it would be too cliche to tell you about the dream I had, so we’ll gloss over that one.

In case you were wondering or have been looking into my life, you already know that something totally awesome is happening on Thursday.

I won’t say what. That would be cheating, and I’m pretty sure it’s also a song.

The moral of the story is, got a picture, want a caption, comment below, and extra points if you can name where it came from.

Ten Reasons to Love Steven Moffat

To all the whovians who want to strangle me right now, don’t worry. I’m making it up as I go.


Well then, down to business!

1. He keeps his promises.

Just this once, everybody lives!” (9th Doctor, S1 E10)

And everybody never lived again…

2. He didn’t write “Doomsday” (S2 E13).

Or Journey’s End (S4 E13). Or The End of Time (S4 E17). Or Last of the Time Lords (S3 E13).

3. Two words: River. Song.

Face it, people, without Moffat, the words “Hello, sweetie” would be meaningless to us (and not graffitied on the oldest cliff face in history). Granted, “D-d-do-do-don” would not be the shortest most heart-breaking phrase, but still!

4. He has excellent comic relief.

Every episode, no matter how frankly terrifying, has at least one very funny joke. He has written 32 episodes to date, so I won’t give specific examples of each, but here are a few to prove my point.

5. The Empty Child: Captain Jack Harkness is introduced.

6. The horse from The Girl in the Fireplace.

Time Crash was one big joke.

7. Ten meets River Song in Silence in the Library.

“Fish fingers and custard” from The Eleventh Hour.

8. The Time of Angels has:
“Do you trust this man, Dr. Song?”
“I absolutely trust him.”
“So he’s not just some madman then?”
“…I absolutely trust him.”

The Big Bang has Rory’s “Trust the plastic” line. Also the Drunk Giraffe, but that may have just been Matt being clumsy.

The Doctor has a hilarious line after he jumps down a chimney on Christmas Eve in “A Christmas Carol”.

9. “This is cold. Even by your standards, this is cold.”
“Or, ‘hello’ as people used to say.”
The best part about this scene from The Impossible Astronaut was a minute later when River smacks him.
This episode also includes my all-time favorite River Song quote: “They’re Americans!”

10. Sherlock

So back to my original statement, maybe I didn’t make it up, but I refer you to Rule #1. Not to imply that I’m…but you get the point.

My Sister Abby (Part 34)

Abby whirled around. “I know I did not just hear you say that! Don’t you know what that means for my show?”
I racked my brain trying to come up with a way out, but I didn’t get anywhere fast. “Listen to me, big sister,” I tried for a light-hearted mood.
“Oh, none of that. Anytime something awful happens, it’s ‘hey big sister.’ Chad’s gone. You can’t get your permit. Or your license. That idiot social worker is back for an evaluation. Now you won’t perform in my show. Are you out to ruin my life or is it just one of your temporary hobbies?”
“Abby, I’m sorry but Chad was right. I can’t write a song without meaning it!”
“Oh, I’m sorry that my talent show isn’t meaning enough for you. Is it just because I’m in charge of it?”
“Abby, what is the problem?” I finally asked.
She threw her hands in the air. “What is the problem? How little can you comprehend?”
I motioned toward the sofa. “Why don’t we start over before you burn yourself on your temper?”
“Does that even make sense? Yeah, I don’t think so,” she shot back, but she sat down.
“I thought we were friends now, Abby. I have a boyfriend, you have a boyfriend, everyone’s happy, nobody’s jealous. How does my backing out of one little show ruin our relationship? There’s another show in the winter, I can do a song then.”
She looked like she was biting her tongue. “First of all, you have my dream boyfriend, secondly, I’m not happy. I never have been, and you know it. Some people get all the happiness, all the nice boys, and all the protective big brothers. Then there are people like me who don’t have any of that, but once in a while happy people get a little chance to do one thing for us.”
“Are you my sister or a walking book of Chinese proverbs?” I asked.
“One thing, Jessica! When have I even asked for anything before? I asked for one thing. All I want is for you to write and sing one song! Why can’t you do that?”
“I can’t do that because you don’t dictate my life and my songwriting is going nowhere. Maybe you only wanted one thing, but you’ve never asked. The only answer to your first question is that you’ve never asked before. You’ve never asked for anything. You added me to the program for the show.”
Abby rolled her eyes. “You know, I don’t care what the song means. There are already two hundred people who bought advance tickets.”
“Why is that significant?” I asked.
“Two reasons. One, almost all two hundred signed up to hear you sing. Two, when you add up all the different scenarios, do you know how many lives your dad destroyed?”
“Your dad,” I put in.
“Two hundred thirty-nine.” Abby stood up. “There’s more to this than you think. And just for the record, the answer to your question earlier is neither. I’m neither.”