About Us

~Ari  My blog is mostly randomness.  I do also post about my successful or unsuccessful novel writing attempts and every time I come up with a new plot I share it.  I like to think of myself as a song writer, but when I think others might think that too I’ll post the lyrics to my songs or just my poems.  I like writing about my new interests, and my writing will definitely have a “teenage” drift, but that’s better than if it didn’t, right?  One thing that I talk about a lot is my ever changing future career, but I think there’s a pattern that I keep coming back to.  I drink my coffee black, and I absolutely love dark chocolate.  I’m open to suggestions for blog posts since in my constantly changing life I can’t seem to find anything new to write about.  🙂  Check back again next week to see my latest randomness.  My confession: one day I will dye my hair raven blue, and yes, I’ll post pics.


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