My Sister Abby (Part 36)

Ariel here! I really wish I could have updated sooner, but everything just stayed exactly the same in Jess and Abby and Chad’s situation. Jess and Abby would fight, Jess would try to not call Nathan, Chad would get involved, and then the cycle would repeat. The only real news to report would be that it was now December of Chad’s senior year, he and Jess were closer than ever, and Abby had finally managed to completely keep Nathan worry free. Until now.

“Abby and I haven’t argued in three days,” I told Chad with a smile as I stepped into his car early on Thursday morning.

“You guys haven’t even crossed paths in three days, have you?” He asked. How did I get such an observant guy?

“Yeah,” I laughed. “That kind of helps. I wish she could decorate the gym every day!”

He grinned at me. “Well, I wish the seniors got to skip school for a banquet every day!”

I smiled back. “Well, I’m just glad that they can bring a sophomore date.”

“Hey, isn’t Nathan supposed to be there?” he asked. “I saw his name on the list of alumni special speakers.”

I shrugged. “We haven’t talked much lately,” I admitted.

He sighed. “Babe, you’ve got to stop that. How would you feel if something happened to him? You can’t protect him from everything, you know.”

I sighed. He was right, again. “I’ll catch him before he leaves today,” I promised. He smiled at me, proud.

Now I just had to come up with a viable excuse for my estrangement.

“Hey,” he reached for my hand, apparently recognizing my expression, “just tell him the truth. He’ll understand. I promise. If he doesn’t,” he gave my hand a slight squeeze and looked away from the road for a split second, “I’ll take you to prom.”

My mouth fell open. “You’re that serious?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah, Jess. He’ll understand.”

I shook my head, but I started to believe him in spite of myself.

It might be a good day after all.

Then I mentally shook myself. Of course it would be a good day! After first block, I’d spend it all with Chad!

I smiled at him as we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Thanks,” I said as we got out of the car.

“For what?”

“For being there,” I answered.

“I’ll always be there,” he promised.

That didn’t surprise me. It’s what people always said. What surprised me was that I believed him.


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