Caption This: Screenshot


There you go! Challenge. Excitement. Adventure. Contest. Caption.

Wait…this is the post, not the tags. My bad.

Question of the week: Can you get addicted to Wheaties and Cheerios?

For the past two or three weeks, I’ve had one of those two cereals for breakfast every morning. I eat something normal for lunch, and then I eat more cereal either for dinner or before bed.

Now I can’t get into a normal schedule without cereal. Seriously, my mom made waffles this morning, and I ate some, but I wasn’t ready to take on the day. I ate cereal, and now I’m more ready to be alive.

Next up, it would be too cliche to tell you about the dream I had, so we’ll gloss over that one.

In case you were wondering or have been looking into my life, you already know that something totally awesome is happening on Thursday.

I won’t say what. That would be cheating, and I’m pretty sure it’s also a song.

The moral of the story is, got a picture, want a caption, comment below, and extra points if you can name where it came from.


1 Comment

  1. Hm.
    Picture: Definitely Ten and Donna. I’m guessing it’s from the Adipose episode, but I’m not for certain.
    Caption: I’m not very good at captions, but I imagine it’s something like they’re standing staring at something, and she looks at him like “Is that-????” And he just looks at her like “Ohhh, here we go.”

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