Ten Reasons to Love Steven Moffat

To all the whovians who want to strangle me right now, don’t worry. I’m making it up as I go.


Well then, down to business!

1. He keeps his promises.

Just this once, everybody lives!” (9th Doctor, S1 E10)

And everybody never lived again…

2. He didn’t write “Doomsday” (S2 E13).

Or Journey’s End (S4 E13). Or The End of Time (S4 E17). Or Last of the Time Lords (S3 E13).

3. Two words: River. Song.

Face it, people, without Moffat, the words “Hello, sweetie” would be meaningless to us (and not graffitied on the oldest cliff face in history). Granted, “D-d-do-do-don” would not be the shortest most heart-breaking phrase, but still!

4. He has excellent comic relief.

Every episode, no matter how frankly terrifying, has at least one very funny joke. He has written 32 episodes to date, so I won’t give specific examples of each, but here are a few to prove my point.

5. The Empty Child: Captain Jack Harkness is introduced.

6. The horse from The Girl in the Fireplace.

Time Crash was one big joke.

7. Ten meets River Song in Silence in the Library.

“Fish fingers and custard” from The Eleventh Hour.

8. The Time of Angels has:
“Do you trust this man, Dr. Song?”
“I absolutely trust him.”
“So he’s not just some madman then?”
“…I absolutely trust him.”

The Big Bang has Rory’s “Trust the plastic” line. Also the Drunk Giraffe, but that may have just been Matt being clumsy.

The Doctor has a hilarious line after he jumps down a chimney on Christmas Eve in “A Christmas Carol”.

9. “This is cold. Even by your standards, this is cold.”
“Or, ‘hello’ as people used to say.”
The best part about this scene from The Impossible Astronaut was a minute later when River smacks him.
This episode also includes my all-time favorite River Song quote: “They’re Americans!”

10. Sherlock

So back to my original statement, maybe I didn’t make it up, but I refer you to Rule #1. Not to imply that I’m…but you get the point.


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