My Sister Abby (Part 35)

I sat on the sofa totally confused. How on earth does this happen this badly? That wasn’t anywhere near right.
She heard me by accident, she was obviously already upset, there was nothing about that conversation that went well. At least it was over, though.
That was when mom came in. “Jessica,” she started very firmly, “did I just hear you yelling at your sister?”
So it was a bad time. A really bad time. I lost all control.
“Maybe you did, but do you know what else you would have heard if your selective hearing weren’t always aimed at attacking me? You would have heard her yelling back. You would have heard me try to take the high road and try to start over and try to keep in control of myself. And then you would have heard her tell me in no uncertain terms that she is not my sister. And you know what? She’s right. This isn’t working anymore, she’s back to being unreasonable, you’re back to defending her at every turn, and this little experiment is no longer working. We already hate each other, so back out before we hate you too. Or is that what you want? Because if it is you are doing a freakin awesome job if it. Are we clear?”
“Sit. Back. Down. Right. Now.” Every syllable was punctuated with a heavy footstep toward me. “Now it’s my turn. I fully understand that there is no love lost between us. I get that you think that I’ve replaced you with your sister. And I will keep calling her your sister. That’s absolutely not true, but if I weren’t your mother first, it would be hard to keep you two on a level plane. Every time I turn around, you are throwing a fit because you are being unfair and she won’t have it. I don’t want to hear it anymore!”
“You’re the one being unfair! I was in control for most of it!” I shot back.
“Oh yes, that reminds me! You have not nor will you ever be given control over Abby. That is my job, and I’m doing it, believe it of not!” With that, she got up and flounced out.
I grabbed my phone and dialed Nathan’s number, but just before I hit talk, I remembered how all this started. I was trying to be find without him. I’d have to hold on that phone call. I dialed a different number instead.
“Chad, it’s me. We really need to talk. Actually I really need to talk.”
“You want to go for a drive?”
I hesitated. “No, I want your full attention. Meet me at the curb?”
“Be out in five minutes,” he promised.


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