My Sister Abby (Part 32)

“Okay, Chad,” I said as we climbed into his car. “What’s with the drive?”
He shrugged. “I can’t tell you what to write, so here’s your chance to tell yourself. Also, I really wanted to get some popcorn. So talk!”
I sighed. “About what?”
“Let’s start with the biggy. Why do you want to write this song?”
I buckled up and leaned my head back as he pulled out of the driveway. “I want to write it to tell Nathan that I’ll be okay if he doesn’t have time to protect me anymore.”
“Okay, what do you want it to say?” He tossed over next.
“I just want to say that I appreciate that he’s always been there but he can get on with his life now.”
“His life without you?” Chad asked.
I shifted. “Yes, that’s what I want to say. Is there something wrong with that?”
“it’s the whole reason you can’t write the song,” he said.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Well, how do you really feel?”
I thought hard, but I only confused myself. Chad suggested that I talk it out, but i couldn’t talk through this one.
“All I know for sure,” I finally admitted, “is that I can’t write that song.


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