My Sister Abby (Part 30)

“Alright, Jess, what’s up? You’re usually so interested in the laws of physics!” So the last part was pretty sarcastic, but whatever.
“I’m just thinking,” was the noncommittal answer I ended up giving.
Predictably enough, he came back with “Thinking about what?”
I glanced down before I answered and realized we were at our curb. I had a habit of walking past my house first then coming back after he went into his house.
“Can we sit down?”
He looked the direction I was gesturing and grinned. “One of those conversations? Okay, sure.”
Once we sat down and dropped our backpacks, he turned to me more seriously. “What’s going on? I haven’t seen you look so worried in a while!”
I shrugged, but I knew he wouldn’t buy it.
“Come on. You can talk to me. You know that.”
“Okay, Chad. Here’s the thing. I was thinking about Abby and Matt. Sure I’m glad she’s out of my hair, but I don’t want her to get hurt by him in the process.”
“Hey, we’ve been over this. You have done everything you can. There is just no other way for you to help her. You already told your mom and Abby that you were worried about her. Short of forcefully dragging her away from him, there’s nothing else to do for now.”
I’d heard it before. Actually, that wasn’t even my main problem right now. I just didn’t stop him because it was nice to hear him talk about how I was doing the right thing. A little credit from the right person goes a long way, you know?
“Well, I know that. It just made me think about Nathan. And then it was a circle. Now I’m worried about both of them.”
He nodded. “Don’t worry about Nathan too much. He’ll be fine soon enough. He’s a big boy. Besides, his biggest problem is probably that he’s worried about you. You can pretty much stop worrying about your relationship with your entire family after next month!”
I smiled. “Yeah, I pretty much can! Thanks, Chad! See you at dinner?” I teased as he started to stand up.
He frowned as he held out his hand to help me up. “Who’s cooking?”
“Abby,” I grinned.
He pulled me close for a quick hug and laughed. “Not a chance.”


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