My Sister Abby (Part 29)

Chad and I were walking home from school like any other day. Seriously, the only thing different was that we were alone.
Abby was going home with Matt. He was also a senior, but he was a much different person than Chad. We talked about him for a little, but we figured Abby could take care of herself. It didn’t matter if we liked him. She liked him, and she was finally leaving us alone.
Of course, even that wasn’t the most important part. We talked about Abby more and more these days because after we got back from camp, where Abby had started to open up about God, she didn’t want anything to do with “being religious” as she called it.
She even quit going to church with us. I didn’t mind that so much, I have to admit, because it was getting a little awkward having her between me and Chad the whole time.
Regardless of that though, we were worried about what she was becoming again. My mom didn’t listen to me because she was sure that I was jealous of anyone who went near my boyfriend. She could be rather difficult sometimes, I agree, but I was dealing with her favoritism better.
Of course, it helps when you’re someone’s favorite too. That’s the part I’d been missing before. I was terribly jealous of Abby because I was just as starved for attention, and no one except for Nathan ever gave it to me.
Nathan wasn’t doing so well. He was trying to keep tabs on me, but I finally told him that his job was more important. I didn’t realize that I was his anchor. He was getting worse and worse all the time, but I had an idea to change it all.
Okay, yes, I was kind of ignoring Chad to think through all of this, but it was important! Eventually he realized that and asked me what I was thinking.


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