Dear Abby

Dear Abby,
It’s your annoying, boyfriend-stealing little sister. Technically I can’t steal a boyfriend you never had, but I know that’s a sore topic so I won’t go there. You know how it happened, Abby.
I talked to you first. I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I was happy we were getting along. I just wanted to know if you still liked Chad, because if you did I wouldn’t date him. You said you got over him gradually when he didn’t come back. I double checked. You said you would be happy if we got together. You remember that, right? Because it all happened.
Anyway, I had the okay that it wouldn’t ruin our relationship so my only hesitation was long gone. Before we left camp together, Chad and I were officially a couple.
You said we were adorable and you couldn’t stop taking pictures of us. You kept telling us we were the cutest things you’d ever seen. We kind of ignored you after two hours, but you didn’t seem to care. You went on and on and on and on. Eventually I had to stop you because everyone else on the bus was tired of it too.
You just laughed and said you’d have the rest of our lives to talk about it because goodness knows we aren’t letting the other person out of our sight again. We had to agree with you there.
Well, we came home and school started. You know something? You never complained. I can’t pinpoint a single time when you said we were too close or you felt left out. You certainly didn’t tell me when you started liking him again. Maybe you never stopped.


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