I definitely haven’t been on in a while, but to be fair, that isn’t entirely true. I’ve been on here, I just haven’t posted anything because I am dedicated to only let you read the very best. Unfortunately, my best writing never happens in a time crunch.
So, what happened? I started my first year of high school. Tons of homework, drama club, and basketball consume my time.
I have plenty to write about, believe me, I just don’t have the time to do it. I mean, honestly, tons of new friends, lunch conversations, and my old crazy people still.
Oh, and bus rides! It’s a strange new experience, and you get to benefit from it because I’m going to tell you all about it.
I have to introduce the characters first, though.
First on the list is my black friend that I’m going to call Blondie. Yes, her hair is black. (Wait…what?) She’s just incredibly blonde.
Next up is the Vocab Queen. She always finds a way to relate our vocab in English to herself, often hilariously. She likes to tell us she’s the teacher’s pet.
Then we have Mommy. The four of us sat together at the beginning of the year, and she always made sure we were eating enough for lunch and getting along. The name “Mommy” stuck, so that’s what we call her.
Me? I’m the resident Jesus Freak. I know. Big surprise, right?
Well, there are many more nicknames to be invented, but my time is almost up. I have a game tonight, so wish me luck and stay random!
(Cheesy, right?)



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