The Last Word

Unfortunately, the summer has come to an end.  Yesterday was Labor Day, and today is the first day of school.  This is the final Tuesday post from me in this topic.  That means you get all my favorite last words, though, so don’t get too sad!

This stupidity wasn’t helping Tyler at all.

He was about to open the car door when Trixie stopped her deep growling for a long instant and Eddy heard the ominous ticking of a time bomb.

“And please, Eddy,” her voice took on a slightly teasing but more seriously pleading tone, “no forgeries this time.”

She had a feeling that it would be a long time before she ever got the pieces picked up again as she and Eddy silently nodded and then they all went in separate directions.

“This fight has gone on too long.  For brevity, I’ll explain my plans to you as a Twitter post.  When I reach 140, I’ll pull this trigger.  I–”

“Did you own a blue Ford Fiesta ten minutes ago, Mr. Newman?”

“Relax, Tyler.  If living were for everybody, a lot more people would be doing it.

“I really wish this coffee would kick in,” he muttered.

“You may have won the victory,” he started before coughing wrenchingly, sickeningly.  “But I,” and a contented smile spread across his graying face giving it a devilishly angelic appearance, “I have won,” his voice became a whisper, “I have won a legacy.”

“This nightmare’s power can never be drained, and it will always return to haunt me.”
“That was impressive,” Mycle said after a pause, “but now you should come get something to eat.”

Eddy grimaced.  “Hey, Tyler, how do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches sound?”

“Congratulations, you now know how to make a pot of coffee.  Yay, you.”

The absurdity of the situation snapped Reine back to reality, which was the last place she wanted to be.

Having said that, I’m afraid we have to face our own reality: this is the end of both Dead Tired and Reining Pennies.  Thankfully, though, Ariel will preserve elements of both while conforming them into her new manuscript, Memories.



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