My Sister, Abby (Part 27)

Once we had moved into our cabin, things started moving quickly.  We had to go to an orientation for all the rules for the upcoming week, we met our team leader, and all of that stuff.  We played an all-camp game, and then we went back to our cabin to get ready for the evening service.  Abby seemed a little off-balance, but I decided, for once, to not try to force anything out of her.

Our counselor hadn’t made any such promises, however.  After the evening service, which of course, was all about salvation since it was the first night of the week, we went back to our cabin for bed.  Before we went to sleep, our counselor had us sit in a circle and go around talking about how we got saved.  Abby looked at me like I’d set it all up, but I hadn’t anticipated this.  I was sort of nervous myself, because I didnt’ like talking in front of people, and I wasn’t even sure if my story counted.  I was halfway around the circle of nine, and as each of the four before me, including our counselor, told their story of how they grew up with Christian parents and got saved and baptized (which I’d never even heard of) at four or five, I was getting really nervous.

My counselor finally smiled at me.  “What about you, Jessie?”

I decided to try for a laugh before I disappointed them all, so I started, “Well, there was this guy,” and it worked.  While they laughed, I set myself up to be told I couldn’t be a Christian and took a deep breath.  “Actually, I wasn’t raised by Christian parents.  This guy was basically my only friend, and he was always talking about God.  So this one day, my dad showed up while we were talking, and he wanted me to get into his car, but I didn’t want to because he wasn’t supposed to be there int he first place.  Chad was right there behind me, and my dad literally threw both of us into the back of the car and took off, but somewhere in all that, I was tricked into promising to go to church with Chad.  Abby saw us and called the police, who set up a roadblock, and when my dad tried to avoid it, he ended up totaling the car, and Chad and I were both in the hospital for a few days.  After we finally got home and got our stitches out and our respective female guardians actually let us out of the house, he claimed his promise, and I went to church with him.  I liked it, so I kept going, and I liked the idea of God being loving and always there, and all of that.  I just wasn’t sure about whether I wanted to make a long-term committment, but one day, I realized that I wanted everything to make sense and fall into place, and it did, so I told God that I trusted him and I wanted to be his child.”

It was quiet for a minute, then my counselor smiled.  “That’s great, Jess!  Isn’t it awesome how God plans events and times perfectly with each other?”
I nodded, a little surprised.  Abby’s turn was next.  I waited expectantly, and she flashed me a smile.
“Actually, I’ve been going to church with Jessie for a while now, and I’ve been a Christian all my life, so yeah, that’s about it.”
“But was there a specific time in your life when you remember actually choosing God?  You don’t have to answer right now; we can talk privately later if you feel more comfortable that way, but I just want you to think about it.  Actually, I want to talk privately with each of you this week, so just keep that in mind.  Julie?  Your turn.”
Abby looked relieved that she hadn’t pressed the issue, and I could see her already planning out her arguments for whenever their private conversation was, but I’d seen our counselor’s determination already, just in the game, and I had a feeling Abby wouldn’t be leaving camp without having her confidence shaken at least once.

*NOTE: All characters and events portrayed in this story are purely fictitious.  Any resemblance to actual people or events is entirely coincidental.*


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