Excerpt 5

Excerpt 5

    Officer Joshua Eddy was driving casually down the street.  It was as casual as he could be in an obvious police car with lights on top and all around, but despite all of the show, the person in front of him didn’t seem to realize that he was a police officer.  It had to be a woman, he decided with disdain.  He had a general dislike for the sex, and since he was busy at the moment trying to get into the homicide department as a detective, he didn’t have any time for distractions as it was.
    Eddy glanced at his speedometer as he attempted to keep up with the lady in front of him.  Making note that it was twenty over the speed limit, he turned on his lights.  He could almost hear her gasp of surprise from watching her sudden jerk where she sat in the driver’s seat.  He rolled his eyes and pulled to the side behind her.
    Walking up to the car on the passenger side, since it was the highway, he asked for her license and registration.  She handed them to him, obviously flustered, and he went back to his car to process the information.  He had hardly looked at her, just enough to be able to verify that she was the person on the license, but that one glance right before he left had been enough to make his world start spinning.  He told himself again that he didn’t need distractions right now, and this Mariah Lector was only going to be a distraction.  No, why would she be a distraction?  He wouldn’t even let her be that.
    Her information came up stating that she was a homicide detective.  Eddy sighed and realized that he’d probably have to let this one go.  He was disappointed, because he was in a crabby mood, and he really wanted to give someone a ticket.
    He walked back up to her window and handed her the papers.  “Alright, Detective Lector, everything looks okay.”
    This time he really did hear the gasp as she started.  “How do you know that I’m a detective?”
    “Homicide for the state of California?” he couldn’t resist stringing her on.  “Come on, you can’t be serious.  Have you totally exhausted your brain or something?”
    She just gave him that look, and Eddy tried not to think about how rude that was.  “The computer told you,” she said, but she more asked it.  “And for your information, Officer Eddy, yes.  I’ve been working a long, hard case.  What useful thing have you done today?”
    It was the way she said his name, insulting and derogatorily, that made him realize that they were meant to be.  “I caught a homicide detective going twenty over the speed limit,” he answered by way of answering her question and alerting her to the risk she posed to the community at the same time.
    “Twenty over?” she asked in disbelief.  “I think you should get your little radar gun checked, Officer.”
    He hadn’t felt the need to ask her how she knew his name since it was written on his badge, and he was still looking for something in anything she said that he could trip her up over.
    “Little radar gun?” he asked.  “No way.  I just checked it by tailing you for a little while.”
    “Oh really?  Then maybe you should get a ticket too,” she said almost teasingly.
    Eddy suddenly had an idea.  “I think I will.  What movie do you want to see?”


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