My Sister, Abby (Part 25)


big smile

I know…


Well, thing is, I’m very busy.  Way too busy for the kind of


celebration that the 25th post deserves, so I’ll post it later on.  Deal?  I mean, that’s cool right?

I certainly hope so.  See you next week…I’ll have awesome stories of weird people and practical jokes…or just the next excerpt of My Sister, Abby.

Which do you prefer?

Tweet me @randomness1228 if you enjoyed this post for a change using the hash tag #IMissRandomness

If you want me to do a make-up post next week in addition to the already planned Thursday post, use the hash tag #doubletrouble

If randomness wins, there will be a large celebration.   If trouble wins, Jessie will get in big trouble in both posts and there will be frequent references to those two incidences in future posts.

Deadline for tweets is 6 pm MDT.



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