Half-week Half-Scenes

So that title didn’t make sense, but Ariel gave me her two old manuscripts, and I’m going to post my favorite scenes from then on Tuesdays for a while.  The final post will be all of my favorite closing lines.  Here goes!

Excerpt 1

“Who’s driving?” Reine asked Eddy.
“Well, I have the dog bone in my car, and I have to admit that I’m not exactly sure about your driving yet, especially at night,” she socked his arm, “so I’ll drive.”
“That was unnecessary,” she muttered.
“What, angry already?” he asked.
“Full sentences, Eddy?” she asked, countering his question with a question smoothly.
He shrugged.  “Why not?  I can talk.  Besides, didn’t we agree that we weren’t going back to how things were before?”
“That doesn’t mean that everything has to change,” Reine insisted, feeling that she was getting way too worked up over way too small a thing.  “And I’m warning you now, I’m emotionally unstable at the moment.”  When he didn’t say anything, she shrugged.  “You have been warned.”
“What?  I was married.  I know you didn’t expect an answer.”
Reine was about to contradict him when she realized that he was right.  “Regardless,” she answered, “you should have said something.”
“Okay,” he answered slowly.  “Get in the car.”
Reine dropped her jaw and slammed her fist into her hip.  Yep, she’d feel that one for a long time.  It was okay, though, as long as he didn’t see that it hurt her.  “Are you already trying to make me follow orders?” she asked.
“You told me that I should have said something,” Eddy tried.
Reine sighed, rolled her eyes, opened the door, dropped into her seat, and slammed the door.  Eddy slipped into the driver’s seat much less dramatically.  “Wrong thing or wrong time?”
“Yes,” was all she said.
“Does that mean both?” he asked cautiously.
“It means you’re clueless and you need to shut up and drive,” Reine shot back.
“Okay,” he said, lifting his hands.
“Shut up and drive,” she repeated.  “That means you don’t talk about and you keep your hands on the wheel,” she instructed.  “And you stop thinking about a good comeback because your full attention is supposed to be on the road and the car.  Don’t argue with me here, I just had to take a test on the stuff.  Besides, arguing would be talking.”
They drove in blissful silence all the way past Tyler’s house.  Then Eddy finally just came out with “No.”
“I was hoping you’d say that,” Reine admitted with a slight grin returning to her face.  Now they’d see just who had changed  and how much at that.
“No, I won’t sit here and let a seventeen year old boss me around when I’m fifteen years older than her and I should be the one bossing her around.  I won’t let her tell me what I can and can’t do and when I can talk.  I’m not going to just follow her every whim.”
“So you’re still human?” Reine ventured.
“Of course I am,” Eddy answered.  “I’m still human, and I still know that all you want is to make me argue with you, and that’s not going to happen.”
“Really?  I think it is,” Reine said, knowing that she had him now.
“No, it isn’t.  I refuse to sit here and argue with you when I’m clearly right!”
“No, you’re very clearly wrong.  You’re sitting here trying to argue that you won’t argue with me, and you think you’re in the right?  Come on, this is like framing Brinkley!  And don’t even ask.  It should go without saying that you’ll never live that one down.”
“I was afraid of that,” Eddy muttered.
“Wow!  Did you just mutter?  I must be rubbing off on you!  Now if I start making stupid decisions and hiding behind brainless cowards, we’ll know it works both ways!”
“One thing I have to say, Reine,” he answered in a fairly tight voice, “You definitely keep my mind sharp.”
Reine waited, but nothing else followed.  “Well, that’s nice,” she said.  “Every girls’ dream.”
“Whatever,” he said.  She couldn’t be sure, but she thought she saw him roll his eyes.


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