The Flag Still Flies

This is my official “Independence Day” post.



The flag still flies, and you can see it

more than any other day

as we remember patriotism

and the price we’ve had to pay.

The flag still flies because of heroes

who have given their last breath

ever since we fought Great Britain

wanting freedom more, life less.

The flag still flies in pride and freedom

in the hands of those whose lives

demonstrate the sort of courage

that brought victories from strife.

The flag still flies despite its losses,

and it waves yet fuller still

every time the price of freedom

means another life is spilt.

The flag still flies for all the veterans

of the wars now yesterday

bringing memories of old wars

and the ends of tyrannies.

The flag remains the sign of freedom

and the symbol for our land;

as we live and die, the flag lives on,

passed down from hand to hand.

The flag still flies, and will forever,

have I anything to say;

the flag still flies, but who will wave it






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