Well…That’s Embarrassing

Apparently, due to miscommunication between the two writers, two Thursdays were skipped in a two-week period where I was away from the internet due to the end of school/theatre production.  I had intended to arrange for Grace to try her hand at story writing, but unforseen circumstances changed things, and the result is two empty weeks.

A lot has happened in those two weeks, so please let me recap quickly.  First and foremost, I sort of starting listening to Brad Paisley, which I’m doing now too.  Next, I should mention that I also ended school with a 4.0 GPA, so Grace isn’t the only homeschooled overachiever, although she will be next year.  I’m not lowering my standards, but that point may be considered debatable after I mention that I’m going to go to a public school next year.  I still intend to be more of an overachiever than ever, and I’ll actually be able to measure it!

Also, I moved into a new house with my family, which I’m still adjusting to, because I have my own space now!

And, finally, we (as in my family) are on yet another run through of the Star Wars movies, so I’m going to watch Attack of the Clones.  Nothing like quality family time, 21st century version!

All the time, none of the conversation = beautiful online family relationships.  Right?

Stay random.  I’ll post later.  Promise!



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