My Sister, Abby (Part 17)

“Jessica,” my mom said sorrowfully, sitting on the side of my bed later that night, “I’m incredibly disappointed by your behavior today, and I think that if you understood just how it hurt me to see you acting the way you are, you would change your attitude.”

This is a method that always went over well with my brother Nathan, who is looking into a career in acting, but I was made of different cloth.

“I don’t know why you always insist on backing her up.  Good night, I don’t even know why you let her stay here.  Don’t you remember who she is?  She is the reason you and Mr. Pierce broke up.  I mean, hello?  This is the child of your then husband and some other woman who is now in rehab for her addiction to the dope said husband bought for her.”

“Jessica, I’m not denying anything that you’re saying, but you have to keep in mind the circumstances that brought her to us.”

“I remember perfectly fine, Mother.  You’ve spent enough of your life picking up the pieces Mr. Pierce left lying behind him in the unavoidable path of destruction.  Stuck-up, better-that-the-world, count-on-me-to-steal-your-man Abby is not part of your responsibility.  Come on.  Your responsibility is to me and Nathan.”

“Jessica, I’ve almost heard enough of your mouth for one night.  I think you will realize in hindsight that you deserve being grounded.  I’ve never looked forward to school opening as much as this year, I’m afraid.”  That was when I realized that with all the time lost recuperating from the accident, our summer was flying by way too fast, but my mother continued on without noticing the effects of the unexpected bomb she had just dropped on me.  “It may be, of course, that you’ve always been like this but now that I have someone your age to compare you to I only notice it now.”

“Okay, do you not realize that this same model in every sense of the word has, on her word, dated every guy she’s ever met?  I thought that wasn’t the life you wanted for me, after your bad experience with my father.”  For some magic reason, the little voice was there now, telling me to not mention that her judgment hadn’t gotten much better since, but you better believe I was thinking it.  Actually, I was thinking that there were only six weeks left of summer vacation, but I would have thought that if I hadn’t been occupied.

“I think you’re just trying to put her in a bad light, and let me tell you, Jessica Lynn, I won’t tolerate it!  I don’t want anything of the kind going on in my house, and it disappoints me incredibly that my own daughter would be the one to start it.”

At this point, the injustice was infuriating, and I let it show.  “What do you think Miss Abby has been doing all this time?” I half screamed.  “All she does is undermine everything I say and do and, to use your own words, put me in a bad light.”

My mother stood up.  “I don’t like that tone, as you well know, young lady, and I believe you are just taking my words and using them again because you know that they mean something I don’t like, and you don’t like your sister.”

“I am not in kindergarten, Mother!  I know what I’m saying, and I mean every word of it!”

“I’m sorry you hate your sister so much, Jessica, but I cannot allow your pithy feelings to interfere with my business or my family, so you will just have to learn to deal with life as it comes to you.  You have offended and insulted you sister incredibly, and I expect you to apologize as soon as this week is up, if she even wants to talk to you again.”

“You mean there’s a chance she won’t?” I asked half sarcastically.  “Geez, Mom, that’s the best news you’ve given me all night!  And quit calling her my sister.  She’s only half my sister, and that half doesn’t even belong on my family tree anymore, so you can forget about the fact that I’m related to her at all.”

“No, Jessica, I can’t do that, because the truth, no matter how long you hide from it, will always be that she really is your sister.  If you weren’t so stubborn and unkind, you might actually get along very well.”

I just rolled my eyes and turned away from her, which she took, and rightly so, as her cue to leave.  “Good night, Jessica.”

“Not with her in the house,” I muttered in reply.  As soon as the door shut, I pulled my cell phone out from under my pillow and sent Nathan a message about how I was unjustly grounded again.  Unfortunately, my mother heard the chime when he answered, so shortly after reading his indignant response, I lost my cell phone privileges for the remainder of the time I was grounded.  I might go to church with Chad again just to get out of the house.  Again, I know, but why else would I go to his church?

Thankfully, Nathan said he would come pick me up on Friday, so I’ll have another reason to get out of the house.

*NOTE: All characters and events portrayed in this story are purely fictitious.  Any resemblance to actual people or events is entirely coincidental.*


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