Important News

I know I missed a week last Friday, and I’m going to miss tomorrow too.  As a matter of fact, I might miss five more Fridays in the series.  The reason why, of course, has everything to do with writing.  I’m writing a new novel, title Memories.  I know, I know, that’s the title of my trilogy, but the trilogy is no more.  I’m taking all that back story and throwing it away; I’m only writing the third book.  Now, when I say “all that back story” you understand that I will be using the same story line, and I’ll probably incorporate certain parts of Dead Tired and Reining Pennies, but if I ever publish anything, it will probably be Memories, and definitely not the other two.

I am also slightly changing the story line, so don’t be surprised at certain changes that you may see in excerpts posted over the next month or so.

Did I mention I had another birthday?  I know, “They’re kind of an annual thing” but whatever.  Don’t go all Rapunzel on me.

Right now, can I get a moment of silence for Trixie, who will not play a part in this book?  (I guess she did die in Reining Pennies…)


Trixie, sweet little puppy, you were Mariah’s first.  Then, that tragic incident happened, and Eddy was left with full responsibility of you.  He loved you, it’s true, and you were the best thing that happened to him.  Especially when you saved his life by shoving him backwards when that bomb went off.  You saved his friendship when he talked to you for hours and got things straightened out.  You were great, doggie.  May you rest in peace.


And now, yes there are many other characters that just didn’t need to be brought back, so they won’t be.  Who all fits that category is yet to be seen, but wait until you meet Geno Alexander Ram Well.

Love you all, see you via Memories.



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