On a Roll!!!

It was an excellent day, my friends, but I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

NOTE: For reasons that will be better understood after you have finished this blog post, I’m keeping it short today.

Well, I woke up this morning and the sun was up, because it was 10 something or other.  I wanted to open the window shade, but my room was a mess, so I didn’t.  I went out into the kitchen, found the coffee, and put a drop of creamer in (because Dad makes it pretty strong).  So far so good.  Except for the mess, of course.

Well, Dad insisted that we clean up our rooms before we glued ourselves to computer screens, so I walked back into my room.  I believe I’ve outlined my room for you before, but here you go again anyway.  I had an (unmade) bed on the wall opposite the door.  My window is above the bed, and next to the window is a small, about 15″ x 18″ bulletin board.  My mirror leans against the wall and slightly overlaps the bulletin board’s lower right corner.  That’s the end of that wall.  Around the corner is the door to a linen closet, there is a bookshelf next to that with a picture over it, and my desk is next to that.  That is all the furniture I have in the room, but I definitely had more stuff.

Well, I decided to start with my laundry, and before I knew it I had piles of stuff everywhere and had super cleaned my room.  I took a trash bag out, stripped the bed, and now everything has a place, which it is in.

At that point, I only had an hour until the game I played today, so I made and ate a sandwich for lunch, checked my Virtual Villagers 3 game, and took a quick shower.  I know, I know.  I was going to get much more disgusting at the game, but I was dusty.

It was a close game until the second quarter.  We won, 24-13, and I had 7 points this game.  They sent me to the line three times, and I happened to be hitting my foul shots well.

We got home, and I can smell beef stew simmering in the crock pot for dinner, but I’m going to end this post now.  I’m sitting in my clean room, at my clean desk, on my cordless laptop, to write Reining Pennies.  You see, the best part of today so far was that I finally came up with a last line for that book.  This means that I have something to work towards, so I need to get working.


~Ariel out.


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