Yeah, I know it’s not Monday.  I’m sorry.  Stuff happened.  Here’s the video anyway.  Here!

Well, something special.  Something…life changing.  Something you spent the last three days trying to figure out before being frustrated by not getting the answer yesterday.  It’s okay.  I felt the same way.  Then I got the answer!  I’m going to write for The Search, a new online magazine by teens, for teens.  That’s not a link, by the way.

They publish on Thursdays, and it’s always very interesting.

Well, that’s that, I guess.  Unless you were wondering about anything else…like what I got for Christmas?  Well, it seems to be a year for music (which, to me, should be every year anyway) since I got a case for my guitar, a book and dvd to help me play better, money to pick out another guitar, and three Christian cds.  Two were Casting Crowns, one was Chris Tomlin.  Thanks for reminding me; I need to rip them.

It was an incredible Christmas, actually.  There’s almost only one other thing I would ask for, and all of you can help me with that!  Please go to and rate my poem by giving it five stars on the left side of the page and clicking “submit.”  (The submit button will not appear until you select a number of stars by hovering over the fifth star until it’s purple and clicking.)  I would suggest bookmarking the page, since you can rate it every day.  One of my biggest dreams every would come true if I could get a good enough rating that my work would be published in a print magazine, but I need all of you to help for that!

I’d also recommend buying Brad Shreffler’s book, Jack Wrimo and the Ori of Flames which I received for Christmas.  Well, that’s about it.  I’ll tell you if they accept my first submission to The Search and post the link on Thursday, hopefully!

Until then.



PS: Happy anniversary to my blog.  It feels like yesterday that I first made that post, and look at it now!  They grow up so fast, don’t they!


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