Christmas Prep!

First things first: I’m considering doing a vlog.  (Video blog, in case you don’t know that terminology.)  Naturally, you reply, “What about?” and wait in growing confusion as my excited face fades into a sad, almost tearful expression.  It will all be explained once I write the script.  Write…Write…


Research paper!

Yes, that brings me to my second thought.  As I’m sure you all know, Christmas break is starting/has started!  And we all know what that means!  It means I look like a zombie, I sound like a lion, and I have the attention span of a goldfish (when I’m paying attention to you, of course).  If you aren’t in the same situation, you are now asking why.  Two things: midterms, and the aforementioned research paper.

The research paper that is due tomorrow.

The research paper that generated the conversation, “So how much have you actually completed so far?” “I know the topic and the sources I’m citing.”  As I’m sure you can guess, I was the answerer, not the asker.  Now you may think this conversation happened a week or so after I got the assignment, right?  Guess again!  It happened about four hours ago.  I’m here, not writing frantically, because my brain is mush, and that won’t look good on a research paper.  Not my brain, people, the weird stuff happening inside my brain.  This is the stuff that I would be dreaming about if I were asleep at this time.  But, of course, 1am is way too early to go to sleep!

If you stopped, reread that, and questioned half-aloud, “Why is she up at 1 am in the first place???”, this next paragraph answers your questions.  I’m making cookies.  Oatmeal raisin (which is funny, although you’ll understand that later), and snickerdoodles.  The oatmeal raisin cookies are in the oven, and the snickerdoodles are chilling.  I already dropped a whole pan of oatmeal raisin cookies, at which point I realized that I was tired and conscientiously ate sugar.  The oven timer is going off.  Excuse me…

Well, that’s done.  Not really; I had to give the cookies another few minutes, but you get the general picture, right?  Ah, pictures!

Christmas 2012 013

This is a snowman.  I know you know!  Let me finish!  We made sugar cut-out cookies (btw, you can e-mail me for the recipes!) and iced them.  My creativity button got stuck in the on-position, and I took individual colored sprinkles and created this snowman.  I made others, that hectic night.

Christmas 2012 014

Christmas 2012 011

Christmas 2012 020

Christmas 2012 017

No, I can’t explain the last one satisfactorily.  The best I can do is “modern art.”  So, I mentioned the vlog, I complained about my research paper, I told you that I’m making cookies, I posted pictures of previous cookies, what else was I going to do?  Just because I’m proud of it, we won our first b-ball game on Saturday!  24-12 was the final score.  And the five of us played the whole game.  It was fun.  There was something else.  Please go rate my poem!

That wasn’t it, but I figure that while you’re waiting, you might as well have something to do.  Let’s see…ah, right!  The li’l brother managed to sprain his wrist the one night everything was already hectic and crazy.  Now I have a decision to make.  Pull an all-nighter, or lie in bed for six hours thinking about how I’m wasting precious time.  With Emmett Cahill singing “This is the Moment” in the background, this is absolutely the perfect setting.  And settling.  Because, you know, that “settles” it.  All-nighter wins.

Oatmeal raisin cookies.  Right.  Well, they’re only oatmeal.  I went to add the raisins, and we didn’t have enough.  That’s the funny part.  I know, it was funnier an hour ago.  I need some tea.  I’ll be up all night.  Send me a message.  Keep me alive.  Remind me to work on my research paper.  Tell me the kitchen isn’t done.  Tell me to never plan a week like this again, except for tech weeks, of course.

One last thing: my blog will have been up for a year on Monday (at least I think it’s Monday), so I will celebrate.  With something special.  I will post the Messy Mondays video, and I will come up with something else.  I promise.

—-So that was random!

Love ya’ll!

~Ariel out


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