Plot Twist

So, you know that moment when you haven’t been paying attention to what you’re writing and all of a sudden your main characters split up and you can’t go back and change because you suddenly know that it’s supposed to happen?  Guess what?  That just happened.  It completely defeats most of my sub plots, but now I guess I can spend more time now working on only Reine.  Current word count: 22197.

Tyler spoke without moving his head from between his hands.  “I know you’re just trying to pretend nothing happened.”
“Actually,” Reine admitted, “we were intending to make you face it, but both of us seemed to chicken out.  So what happened in there?”
Tyler shrugged and dropped his hands, although he didn’t lift his head.  “How am I supposed to know?”
“Answering a question with a question,” Eddy remarked.  “Not a good move around a woman.”
“Noted,” Tyler answered.  “So you don’t want a question for an answer.  I honestly don’t know what happened.”
Reine sat back and crossed her legs while pushing her hair out of her face.  “Well you have to know something.  I mean, none of the rest of us know anymore about you than you do, so if you don’t know then we’re in trouble.  What were you thinking?”
“Probably exactly what I said.”
“Nope.  Let’s try again.  What made you respond the way you did to a simple playful question?”
“Maybe because you don’t play,” Tyler answered.
“No maybes,” Reine discarded the answer immediately.  “That’s not your reason.  You aren’t getting out of this, Tyler Newman.  What was it in my question that bared something that you decided you had to quickly cover it with something so out of character for you that it left all of us in shock, probably including you.”
Tyler rolled his eyes.  “Reine, you aren’t a shrink.”
“And that’s not an answer,” she instantly threw back.
A deep sigh, and Tyler lifted his head for the first time.  “So what exactly entitles you to ask all the questions?”
“First, may I point out that you haven’t answered any of them straight yet so my entitlement is that I deserve at least one answer to my three or four questions.  Secondly, which really should be able to stand alone, didn’t I save your life?  You know, that is reason enough on its own.  Strike the first one.  Apparently eternally grateful doesn’t extend to answering simple questions,” she added to Eddy.
Eddy nodded, and Reine thought she saw his trademark smirk for a fraction of a second.  Then he turned to Tyler.  “So what’s up?”
Tyler sat back and looked at them questioningly.  “You guys just don’t really understand,” he said after a minute.  “Eddy, you can take a break from work, Reine, you can just break down whenever and blow up.  We all understand.  Yeah, it’s understandable, isn’t it?  Well, it’s understandable when you guys break down a little.  If Tyler cracks for minute though, it’s as if he’s broken every rule in the book.  Why can’t you at least be consistent?”
Reine looked at Eddy, and he sighed and sat back.  “And your point is?” he asked.
Tyler looked absolutely fed up.  “The rest of you get to crack under pressure.  You should understand better than anyone else why I’d have my moments too.”
“So you want us to understand?” Reine was glad that Eddy was taking over the conversation.
Tyler sighed.  “Isn’t that what I just said?”
Eddy leaned forward again.  “Well, considering that one of the last things you said you want us to ignore, I’d thought I’d better check.”
Tyler groaned.  “You guys, are we entirely incompatible?  I mean, really.  The two of you can’t be alone for five minutes without getting into a battle royal, Reine hates me, and now you’re entirely against me, Eddy.  Is this where we realize that we should never have been in each other’s lives and make our exit?  I mean, is this where we are all supposed to recognize that it’s goodbye time?”
Reine felt her heart fall and crash hard.  She had a feeling that it would be a long time before she ever got the pieces picked up again as she and Eddy silently nodded and then they all went in separate directions.


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