Excerpt 2!

(Yeah, I know it’s a long time coming, but here it is at last.  I couldn’t give you the other stuff without context.  I hope you enjoy.  Current word count is 15132.)

Tyler knew Eddy had been by the mall and had called saying that he’d pick Reine up, and he knew that Eddy was going home to change cars before coming over.  What Tyler didn’t expect was the gorgeous German shepherd that sat patiently on the back seat in the “down” position until Eddy lifted the leash and gave a command.  Tyler felt his heart fly into his throat.  Gorgeous was relative, and Tyler wasn’t a dog person.  He supposed that if he had to have a dog in his house, Trixie was okay, but he still didn’t want her anywhere nrear him.
Reine saw his face at just the wrong moment, apparently, and he saw a devilish hint in her eyes.  She leaned toward Eddy for a moment and said something very quietly.  Eddy stood up from beside Trixie and shrugged.  Reine smiled, took the leash, and ran toward the porch with Trixie thundering behind her in a deer-like movement.
Tyler realized what was coming just a moment too late.  That was the moment after two long legs attatched themselves to his shoulders and the force of it sent him onto his back.  Trixie didn’t seem to notice.  Joyfully licking his face as if her were a long lost friend, she didn’t look like she was moving any time soon either.
Tyler grunted slightly, although he didn’t dare open his mouth.  This was almost torture.  He really didn’t like dogs!  He realized how ridiculous this situation was and almost started laughing.  The strange sound that was produced by this made Trixie freeze with her tongue against his face.  She whined deep in her throat and then resumed her torturous licking.
Eddy finally appeared to take pity on Tyler and called Trixie off in a low, one word command.  Tyler was amazed at how easily he got the monster off of him by just saying “come” and he lay there for a moment enjoying not having any weight on him.  then he realized how ridiculous that looked.  He was just sprawled on his front porch with a guy, a girl, and a dog watching.  He grinned sheppishly and jumped up.  Well, he tried to jump up, but it took a minute.  He had a feeling he looked like he was on a tight rope a thousand feet in the air as he struggled to stand on his thirty foot long porch.
From the expression on Reine’s face, he knew his feeling was right or very close to it.  “Well,” he attempted to brush off the situation awkwardly.  “That was nice.  Now that we all know each other, do you want to come in?”
Eddy just smirked, and Reine rolled her eyes, but Trixie barked once.  Tyler had to hand it to her, she was somehow keeping his attention.  “Pretty dog,” he mentioned.
Eddy nodded.  “She always has been, haven’t you, puppy?” his voice suddenly got that quality that people only have in their voices when talking to pets and very young children as he leaned over the golden and black animal that Tyler thought was way too big for anyone to call a puppy and stroked her face affectionately.
Trixie ate it up.  Literally.
While the dog and owner shared a special bonding fight, Tyler asked Reine how work went.  It was a nice gesture, he thought.  “Did you enjoy your first day?”
From the way her eyes rolled, Tyler knew that he had somehow crossed an imaginary line that he didn’t even know existed.  He made a mental note although even he wasn’t sure what it said for this one.  “Not so hot, huh?”
“No,” was all she said, and since she had shut her mouth twice before saying it, Tyler could see that he was lucky to get an answer at all.
“Sorry.  It was an obvious answer already, huh?” he asked.  “Actually, don’t answer that.  I didn’t mean to ask anything.  I know you’re just going to say ‘Obviously’ very annoyingly, and–what?”  He did an instant checklist and saw the problem before she got a chance to say it.  “Don’t.  It’s never annoying.  You’re never annoying.  If I think so, it’s my fault because I have translation problems.  Is that it?”
“It’s about time you got somehting right,” was the ungracious and reluctant agreement he got for his unfelt statements.
Tyler didn’t even look over this time.  He knew Eddy was smirking again.  Instead of offering this time, Tyler just led the way inside.  “You know where everything is, so you know, knock yourselves out.  Please note that this is only a figure of speeck because it would really suck if you managed to knock youreself out while doing something here.”
Eddy’s chuckle and Reine’s groan raced past the closing door and made it to the ears of the shadow in the bushes that none of them had noticed.



  1. Line 6- “nrear” should be “near”.
    Line 3 of the second to last paragraph- “speeck” should be “speech”.

    Other then that, great job! Very well written! Is there a story before this because I was kind of lost. Sounded like I cam in mid-movie.

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