I promise I’ll write something post worthy soon, but since my word count is still 8664, I have a lot to write.  This current scene may be good enough, although all I really need to say is Tyler+popcorn.  If you’ve read Dead Tired, you understand that Tyler is extremely culinarily impaired.  If that’s a word.  Culinarily, of course.  I know the others are words!  Don’t you even give me that look!

I just don’t understand why I’m not writing right now.  My music is playing at just the right volume, I’ve read my peptalk and scanned the sarcastic lines, I know where I’m going and how to get there, and I’ve done my daily character development.  The mood is set.  What else do I need?

Any guesses?  Now, don’t all yell it at once.  Raise your hands.  Alright, you in the front.  Yeah, you.  You don’t know?  Class, help them out.  Thank you.  Now, what’s the answer?  You didn’t hear them?  I’ll give you a hint.  I’m staring at it right now.  Still nothing?
Peanut M&M’s.  Actually, any chocolate (especially Hershey’s Special Dark) would do the trick, but I do happen to be staring at those beautiful chocolate candies…Oh, dad how could you do this to me!

That’s enough now.  Chocolate or…no chocolate, I have to write at least a thousand words.  Yeah.  Right.

“Here I go again…” just like Casting Crowns is singing at the moment.  What a coincidence!  Now I have to find another spot for an emoticon so the teary one isn’t the picture on G+ when I post this…uh…post.


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  1. I hope you were able to write more now….I am sure the chocolate helped!! 🙂 I love the little icon for your name!! so cute…..and… very true!!! You ARE special!! 🙂 (yes, I know you think I HAVE to say that because I am your mom…..but, I believe it too! 🙂 )

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