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So I got to thinking (I know, it’s terrible) and I realized that some of you may have absolutely no idea what Nanowrimo is and are way too scared to click on links from my post.  I can’t promise accuracy, and not all of it is entirely true, but from my mulitiple years as a Wrimo, here is the definition of Nanowrimo.  Ahem.

Nanowrimo is a beautiful island way off in the South Atlantic where people go once a year just to create another place where we can go to create another place to…do you get the picture?

Okay, so that’s not exactly it.  Nanowrimo is the answer to every basic reporter’s question (Who, what, why, etc.) asked during the month of November.  While that’s perfectly true and accurate, the why is still unclear.  Naturally, because you asked why, I reply “Nanowrimo” and you walk away pretending to be satisfied.

To be fair to myself, allow me to explain that there is no preset definition for Nanowrimo because it is a noun, a verb, and adjective, and adverb, a conjunction, a preposition, an interjection, and a pronoun all at the same time.  It is also because everyone writes their own definition of it.  My definition of Nanowrimo at the moment is “Reining Pennies,” that hilarious picture on Google+, the inspirational tweets, the dare machine, and an epic writer’s block.

Yeah, you heard me right.  This whole thing is about writing.  Naturally you all recognize that I am perfect for this, being an incredible writer, but I’m sure you’re disappointed that I’m writing a massive blog post and raising your hopes just to tell you that it’s about writing.

Don’t be.  Disappointed, that is.  I mean, don’t be disappointed.

There are a million details I’ve left out.  One of them would be that Nanowrimo is the most epic journey and hardest trek I’ve ever made without going anywhere.  Nanowrimo also leaves me with a greater feeling of accomplishment than any trip I’ve ever taken.  Of course, a glance at my travel record will assure that that doesn’t say much, but still!  Nanowrimo is the reason I woke up at nine on a Saturday and couldn’t fall asleep until three this morning.  I wasn’t actually writing, but I couldn’t stop thinking.  Again, I know.  It’s just as bad.

Nanowrimo is the reason all of the chocolate in my candy bag is gone.  Nanowrimo is the reason I can stay awake without coffee, although I just want to mention that coffee is still the majority of my liquid intake.  I’m just staying awake without it.  Or I just really can’t tell.  That might be too.  Nanowrimo is the reason I filled out seven experiment reports yesterday.  Nanowrimo is the reason I’m always preoccupied.  Nanowrimo is the reason every answer in my algebra quiz was 50,000.  Nanowrimo is the reason my computer and I are best friends again.  Nanowrimo is the reason I suddenly have the need to have a flash drive.  Nanowrimo is the reason I’ll actually finish two books.  Nanowrimo is the only thing more exciting than Thanksgiving in November.

Have you figured it out yet?  Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  During the month of November, people from around the world meet up and make friendships that none of them will remember after December until the next year when they do Nanowrimo again.  They make these friends to help encourage them as they race to 50,000 words in 30 days.  Of course, we’re mostly all writing novels, and quite a few of us keep our friends even after Nanowrimo, but like I said, this isn’t all fact.  I’m writing a novel, so there has to be fiction!

*Awkward Silence.*

*I nudge you and whisper, “Your line is, ‘I see what you did there’.  Say it!”*

Well, that happened.

Allow me to continue.  Nanowrimo is the reason I had been building a YouTube playlist but forgot after adding the first song and so listened to one song for hours.  Nanowrimo is the only time I’m allowed to spend all day in front of a computer.  It’s okay, my parents know that I get writer’s block often enough that I’ll take more than enough breaks.  Nanowrimo is the reason I told you I wouldn’t be writing on here, and Nanowrimo is the reason I feel the pull to peel out of here and leave you hanging.

Any other questions?  The answer is Nanowrimo.

But you knew that, didn’t you?


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