Turn the report into your teacher

So I’m supposed to turn this…

…into this?

Do they think we’re magicians?

Oh, of course not.  That wouldn’t be very nice to say!  I might take offense!  This is America, people.  We can’t call someone a magician because they made a person out of a piece of notebook paper.  We have to say…illusionist.

I’m sorry.  You’re telling me that someone, in front of me, turns a piece of notebook paper into a living breathing human, but I can’t acknowledge their skill because it’s only an illusion.  If I were smarter, I’d be able to see right through it!  (I also can’t run away from them in the fear of being turned into a piece of notebook paper, since I wouldn’t really be the notebook paper.  That’s just an illusion!)

Which brings me to the question, Where did the teacher come from?

Any answers would be appreciated, since I will probably be losing sleep over this dilemma.  It’s perplexing!

I could probably find the answers from my trusty friends on the nanowrimo forums. Which reminds me of my main point before I leave.  Nanowrimo starts eight days, so my blog posts will be short or excerpts from my stories.  Until December then, loyal readers.  Not that I won’t be posting, I just won’t be posting the randomness you all know and love.



  1. I’ve just read your hilarious comment in the Daily Prompt about only getting comments from your Mum so I thought I’d head on over and check you out 🙂 I’m someone else’s Mum so hopefully this still counts as a genuine comment?! Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

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