Well, people, whether or not you were aware of this before, it’s relaunch time again in the old home.  Of course, home in this sense stands for nanowrimo, but we’ll just pretend that what I just said makes any sense.  The website is getting redone for a new November.  There is no one on Last Post, my favorite forum.  This could be good for me, but it’s bad because I was looking forward to talking with the good guys one more time.  I just went from Casting Crowns to Matt and Christy Taylor.  I’m back to good old Casting Crowns.  I started missing the Wilds so bad that I couldn’t preview their albums (which I’m hopefully getting for Christmas, right Mom?) anymore.  It wasn’t as bad listening to Matt Taylor, surprisingly.  Maybe I knew it was coming, but all of a sudden I heard Matt Herbster’s voice, and I almost broke down.

Camp was the most awesome thing that has happened to me in a long time.  Besides blogging, of course.  I must admit, however, that I don’t live for the next blog post.  Not that I live for my next visit to the Wilds either.  Or do I?  I don’t, I think.  At least I don’t live for it, although I am very anxiously awaiting it.  Let’s see: it’s a summer camp, so I only have about nine months!

Actually, it’s more like eleven, but whatever.

I’ll be hoping we can go early this year!  I don’t want to wait eleven months…I never want to wait period.  Oh wait, my dad just told me that it’s only ten months since it’s the last day of September!  Okay, I’m happy again.

I love CTRL+Z!!!!  It just saved me from re-uploading that pic.  And just out of curiosity, does anyone else get the idea that these emoticons are really handy when you want to lengthen your blog post without boring your readers?  Not to say that I want to lengthen my blog post, but then again, I’m not saying that I bore you either.  I’m starting a new blog, and if I keep posting, I’ll give ya’ll the link.  Until then, you’ll just have to be happy with what I put here for you.  Hmm…do I have a DJ emoticon?


Well, that done, I’m not sure what I did it for, so I’ll just remind you all to wish Jordan Taylor a very happy birthday and recommend that you listen to Casting Crowns “Prayer for a Friend” and “White Dove” since they are the two songs that just played/are playing.  Random post!  Wait, that was this whole thing wasn’t it?  Thanks for putting up with me…



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