Disney Playlists

So I’ve been wanting to make a Disney playlist for a long time now, and I finally did.


As I’m sure I’ve said before, music is an incredible part of my life.  When I had a song stuck in my head, I had to go listen to a lot of Disney songs.  So what song did I originally have in my head?  It was the end of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”  The Lion King version which ends with, “In short, our pal is doomed!”  That’s the only part I had stuck in my head for the longest time, which is weird because I had the beginning of “The Music of the Night” stuck in my head yesterday.
Anyway, that’s beside the point.  What I wanted to say is that I created a Disney playlist with all of the favorite songs from all of those classic movies that I grew up watching every night I could, and I’ve been reminiscing over some good times.  I have all of the good songs on there.  Lion King 1 and 2, Ice Age’s “Food Glorious Food,” Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mulan, Tangled, The Muppets, and more miscellaneous songs.

I love all of these songs, but I’d forgotten some of them.  One of those was “Baby of Mine” from Dumbo which had me in tears…
That’s such a sad song that I don’t mind saying it, but I never really felt the Disney songs until now.  Now all of those songs are so real and get into my soul and make me cry or swell with pride.  I’ve heard myself gasp in the middle of the Princess songs as suddenly I heard them with all of me and related perfectly.  I get chills like never before from “Be Prepared” and “My Lullaby.”  I laugh at all of the jokes now that I understand them.  I almost break down and sob over “Part of Your World” and “Proud of Your Boy.”  I smile like anything over “Hakuna Matata,” and when I heard “Just Keep Swimming” I instantly tweeted it with a laugh.
“It’s Not Easy Being Green” just came on, which I’d call my favorite Muppets song since it’s the one playing.  I absolutely love every song on this playlist.  “We Are One” surprised me a little, as did “Colors of the Wind,” and I love them more because of it.  The surprise was a really good kind that made me smile very brightly.  Now, however, “My Lullaby” is playing.  I get a very different sentiment from this song, as I’ve already expressed.

I’ve just thought about how hard it will to tag this post.  That’ll be a nightmare!

I’m sure it must look strange to the people behind me (like my mom), but how can you help “directing” the beginning of “Rainbow Connection?”  Seriously?  It’s just a natural reaction to sway a little and bounce in rhythm with the banjo intro!  Of course, I’ve done similar things all afternoon, so that may make it even stranger.  I just started laughing so hard when Animal came in on the chorus that my mom (who can’t hear) heard me over her book.  Don’t try to understand that.  Just don’t.

“And then I’ll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair,” and I’m suddenly realizing that as long as these songs keep playing this blog post will continue to be like this.  But “at last I see the light!”  I’ll end the blog post here and not even worry about what kind of randomness is in it.

Randomness is what you exected from me, though, right?  Good!  We’re all happy!  Therefore I shall leave you to try and figure out what on earth I’ve been drinking that would possess me to create a Disney Playlist.  And then make a blog post about it!  I know that was a fragment, but it works better that way.  Sometimes the rules just don’t work out, you know?  No, Mom, I’m not talking to you.  Oh my word, word count please register!  I don’t want to have to see “666” in the corner of my screen right where my eyes end up!  Oh, thank you.  Okay, I hear ya, I’m leaving, but I can’t promise to take my silliness with me.

There goes silliness…”Baby of Mine” just came back on.  On that very sad note,

I’ll go.



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