New Look, Same Incredible Randomness

Cheesy, right?  I try…

There was totally a better picture for this, but I’m somewhat weird about all of my emoticons having white backgrounds.  That’s just me, you know.  The cheesiest grin I could find had a black background, and that would just be messed up!  I’m serious, ask anyone who actually knows me irl, and they’ll tell you that I’m extremely paranoid regarding that.  That’s why I rarely wear much jewelry.  I have a box for all of my necklaces, and I know exactly where each one goes.  I have a box for all of my bracelets, and I know exactly where each one goes.  I have a…tree? for my earrings, and I know exactly where each one goes, to the feathers that I didn’t have room for and so drape over one particular leaf…I can’t find a picture for it, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
But in case you don’t understand why that explains why I don’t usually wear much jewelry, it’s really because it throws my brain off royally.  You see, sometimes when I forget that I’m wearing jewelry and I accidentally put other jewelry where the jewelry I’m wearing is supposed to go.  Then, all day I know that something’s not right, but I can’t place.  Then I go to take my jewelry off and put it away, and I can’t!  There’s something else there.  But I’m way too nice and I have too much heart for inanimate objects; my immediate reaction is, “It’s been there all day!  I can’t move it just when it starts to fit in!!!  That would be terrible!”  Then I start to think the same thing about the jewelry I’m wearing, because it comes back and finds something else living in its home…now do you begin to understand the randomness?  This is part of what goes through my head, which is why I’m a sucker for giving little kids money at arcades.

Yes, there’s a story…the real question is, do I want to tell it?  I’ll consider it while I tell you about my epic fail which I do practically every day.  I only know how to express it in tweets, so please bear with me here for a moment:

#earphonesin #nomusicplaying #epicfail

The thing is, it’s tweet-talk (the hash-tag really should give it away, you know…) but I posted it on Google+.  The other thing is, I’ve already posted it on Google+, so now everyday when I do this, I can’t tell my little world about it because they’d start to get bored.  On the other hand, that could totally be my trademark!!!  I’m considering that very hard.  I already have trademarks of “no capitalization,” “occassional txt-talk,” and “triple exclamation points.”  I also have a habit of putting hash-tags into programs that don’t support them, and not using hash-tags on programs that do support them.  Yes, I know that’s mixed up.  It’s me.  Get used to it.  (Or not, you know, whatever you feel like.  I do try to be kind and politically correct, although I fail at especially the last one.)

But yes, I am sitting here with my earphones in and no music playing, and if every knew that, they would realize what an epic fail that is.  Oh wait, I’m posting this on the internet…everyone does know it!!!  (See?  There go the triple exclamation points.)  I do try to control my capitalization when I make a blog post, but it’s just so hard, especially after a long day of school.  I only had to do double my school today, not triple.  And the double was definitely my own decision.  I like to be ahead, as I believe I mentioned before.

So have you ever had that resolution that you will wake up two hours earlier than usual and get everything done?  I have that every night.  Unfortunately, every morning at eight I turn off the alarm and crawl back into bed until ten.  Sure, if I have to get up for something, I can force myself up, but that’s rare, thankfully, so I just ignore my pressing responsibilities…like making blog posts!  Speaking of posts (in the plural) I haven’t forgotten about my promise to write about what a sucker I am at giving kids money at arcades.  I’ll get to that later, I promise.  I promise so much that I’m even going to write some of it tonight.  On that note, is there like a rate of promises?  I just said, “I promise so much” and that’s what made me think about it.  Any thoughts from somewhat more reliable minds?


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