Time for more nonsense…

I know I have to post something, but since I’m limited on time at the moment, the real post will come later.  Just for now, if anyone’s reading this, I’m considering submitting a poem to a magazine and I have a lot of school on my mind.  I’m even about to ask for a school book for Christmas!  So as I’m sure you can see, I need a break.  Oh, that’s the problem…I just had a break.  Now I don’t know what I need, but it isn’t TEN OVERDUE ASSIGNMENTS when I get back from a week off.  It’s the computer’s fault.  No, seriously it, is.  The computer made my schedule, and it registered that I took that week off, but it stilled assigned me school for that week.  Luckily I’m always ahead, so I didn’t have thirty overdue assignments to deal with yesterday!  Well, like I said, I’m limited on time and this is about all I have now.  I’ll make a real post soon!  Til then, fellow random people…be really random.


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