Yet a new story

He walked into the darkened room.  The other man jumped up, but neither of them could see each other.  “You can call me Sir.  You, I will call Jr.  Got it?”
“Got it, Sir.”
“Good.  That’s one thing done.  Now, in case you didn’t know this, I asked you here because I needed you to help me out with something.  You know what I do?”
“I’ve seen some of your work, yes.”
“I’m thinking of making it my full-time job.”
“Isn’t it already, Sir?”
Sir sighed.  “No, Jr.  What I do when I do what I do.”
Jr. jumped with realization.  “Oh!  That?  Why on earth?”
“Because my ex-girlfriend is running around with a man I hate.  And I want her eliminated.  Expeditiously.”
“Sir?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just eliminate both of them, especially if they’re together a lot?”
“Kill him?” The big man sighed with the air of a man who enjoys his work.  Then he gave a dark chuckle.  “I’d rather let him live.  Live with the knowledge that she died with his name on her lips, fully expecting him to save her.  That will be my revenge, Jr.  Naturally, she wouldn’t say anyone else’s name, would she?”
Sir laid a strong hand on Jr.’s shoulder.  Jr. pulled back instinctively.  “You’re a murderer!” he whispered hollowly.
“Murderer?  My boy, I prefer to think of myself as a mortality technician.  But you’ll be the one doing the job.”  He dropped his hand and lowered his voice.  “Go home, Jr.  Go infest yourself with hatred for Tyler Newman.  By the time you kill her, you’ll relish it like I do.”


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