Happy Memorial Day

Well, today is a strange day for our country.  Strange like Christmas and Easter in that there are way too many reasons for the holiday.  Does the military offend people now too?  Is that why a parent of a young child can go off and get killed in a war, but when the child goes to school all they hear about Memorial Day is that it’s the day the pools open?  Is that why people get more excited about the floats in parades than the veterans walking behind the floats?  Sorry, people, but this is a problem.  If you’re already offended, you might not want to stay subscribed, because I take back that last statement.  I’m not sorry, people.  This is a big problem.

I would go into detail, but thanks to our brave soldiers I have a safe family and home and a good dinner I’m about to go eat.

Thank you if you’ve ever served, even in the tiniest way.


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