Been Too Long…

Wow, it’s been a while since I made a blog post!  Sorry about that.  I’ve been too busy writing songs, poems, and novels.  Then of course there’s always watching NBC’s The Voice which was obviously mandatory because Blake Shelton was on it…but that’s another topic.  I believe the reason for this post, or at least one of them, was to talk about how much fun I had at an all-nighter I went to with my youth group and a bunch of other youth groups.

There were ten people in our youth group.  That means two couples, two enemies, two crazy people, mean person (not really, but will be explained later), and me.  So really four couples, mean kid, and me; but four people would seriously hurt me if they knew that I said that, so we’ll stick to the first one.  Well, that means that we took three cars to our destination.  One seven passenger and two five passengers.  One of the people in one of the couples’ mom, the enemies’ parents, and one of the crazy people’s dad went.  That made four adults, ten teens, and three cars.  Now, if I haven’t entirely lost you, I’ll continue past the actual introduction if I can get to it.  That was just the background.  BTW, we had to listen to random stations all the way to our rendezvous point, and it almost drove me crazy.  That’s what it did to Gnarls Barkely… 😉

Well, I ended up going in one of the five passenger cars with one of the crazy people, one of the enemies, and her mom.  We only listened to one radio station all the way this time, though, so it was all better.  The enemy and I got into an interesting conversation about how cute Adam Levine is, how much we like The Voice, and other random things like that.  The crazy person mentioned that she had a teacher named Miss Cooper.  We asked her whether or not her first name was Alice, but it didn’t go over too well so we stopped that.  Now for the actual intro…this may take more than one blog post.  The introduction, that is.  Goodness knows how long it’ll be until I can actually get the whole story out!!!

Okay, deep breath…

And another one…

Now you’re ready to dive in.  😉  (Random Slapstick Comedy to Keep Attention [RSCKA] like this will pop up unpredictably to keep your attention.  You’re welcome.)

The first stop was at a church so we could have someone’s dad preach before we went and wasted four hours when we could (and should) have been sleeping.  After that, we went to the actual place we were going to stay from midnight until 4am.   I was still hanging out with the same crazy person I drove there with.  We realized we had no idea where anyone else was, so we started looking for anyone.  The first person we came across was the enemy we’d driven down with’s enemy.  He was walking toward us with three of his buddies that had been extremely distracting in the back row, a bone I wanted to pick with him.  I finally got a chance to talk to him now.  The last time I had tried he had been extremely rude and insulting and had, in more or less words, told me to buzz off.  Now I actually had a reason for being mad at him over what he’d done, but it was a touchy subject, so I asked the crazy person to stay out of earshot.  She was nice enough to put her iPod earphones in and walk around without paying any attention to what we were saying.

I walked up to him and started talking to him.  He said he had no idea what I was talking about.  That was typical of him, so I rolled my eyes and started over.  Then he came up with this story about how he got hit in the head and couldn’t remember anything up to five minutes ago when he was getting off the go karts.  A likely story.  I, somewhat exasperatedly, told him to go find his dad it he thought something was wrong.  I started walking away, and behind me I heard him call my name as if he had just seen me for the first time that night.  He told me the same story.  This time he told me the name of the friend that rear-ended him on the ride when his head hit the back of the kart he was riding in.  I told him he’d already explained that, which he said he didn’t remember.  Again, typical.  (If it were contagious, I would have forgotten that I knew who he was and my story would have a very different ending because I would have believed him [RSCKA].)  I started to walk away again, and he called me again.  I started over yet again.  This time he interrupted me, not realizing I was even talking.  “I’m not kidding, this isn’t good.  I got hit in the head.  I don’t even know who did it!”

This was the point it clicked in my mind.  I got a whole different frame of mind.  I told him what he’d told me before.  He thanked me and forgot it.  He started asking me how he got there, who drove them, where he was sitting in the car.  I was instantly glad I pay attention to detail.  I remembered that he drove in the seven passenger car.  The two couples were in there, so he was sitting in the front seat.  I told him that, then told him that his dad was there.  He might have heard me, but it didn’t stick.  It was as if his mind reset.  He went back to the beginning and told me about how he’d gotten hit in the back of the head.  When I told him that he’d told me that four times now, he looked a little scared.  I saw all the parents coming around just looking for something to do at this point, so I started trying to get him to talk to his dad.  I told him his dad was there.  He asked me how he got there, who he drove with, where he was sitting.  I told him again, and his dad had passed us.

We were pretty good friends, so the adults didn’t see anything out of the ordinary with us talking.  I told his dad was there, and he said, “He is?”  He started at the beginning of the story again, and so I convinced him to go over to the one parent he had driven down with.  She was still undecided as to what to do, so she was standing fairly close.  We walked over there, and I explained the situation to her.  He was at a loss as to why she was there now, but she took him over to his dad.  The next I heard, he went to the hospital with concussion.  He lost three hours of memory, and has no recollection of the all-nighter at all.

The crazy person had been walking around the entire time, and now we started walking toward the Tilt-a-Whirl.  We got on, and while on the ride we saw the concussion guy’s enemy, the other crazy person, and some other random girl.  After the ride, the crazy people and I ran from the exit to the entrance.  We were first in line, but before we got on I saw the mean guy at the back so I went back and stood with him.  the crazy people were starting to be crazy.  The mean guy wasn’t mean yet, though.  He was still one of my best friends.  We had an interesting conversation for a little while, and then we got a turn on the ride.  And so it went.  The four of us raced from exit to entrance, rode the ride, raced from exit to entrance, rode the ride.  Eventually we went over to the go karts, and the crazy girl and I chickened out so we waited for the two guys to get off and then went back to the Tilt-a-Whirl.  This time, the exit to entrance race proved to be disastrous.

We were running on a sidewalk, and my best friend became a mean guy.  He put the back of his foot in front of mine (all without looking back) and tripped me.  I slid on my palms, knee, and elbow; I popped right back up, but it was too fast and I went back down.  This time, when I got up I stayed up, and I finished the race.  HE said, “No blood.”  I looked at my palms and said, “Actually there is some…” so he quickly improvised into “No glory!”  He was really only a mean guy at the one point when he managed to know not only exactly where I was, but where I was going and where I’d be so that, without looking back or slowing down, he could put his foot exactly where it needed to be to fulfil his evil purpose.  (RSCKA)  Seriously, he’s actually one of my best friends and the only thing this incident changed is that now when I wear sandals, he steps on the backs of them and tries to land me on my face again…

Well, when we sat on the ride, he asked me if my knee had gotten hurt.  I rolled up the leg, and lo and behold, my knee and a patch halfway down my calf was red.  I thanked him for reminding me and turned my attention back to my stinging palms.  Now, the last four rides it had been anything but thrilling.  It had been slow, and even boring.  We had barely had to hold onto the rail.  But the one time I physically can’t hold onto the rail, the ride goes extremely fast…

When we got off, I cleaned myself up, found a band-aid, and spent the rest of my time waiting to leave and trying to find a position to hold my hands in that wouldn’t make them sting quite as much.

That was my all-nighter experience.


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