Birthdays Part 2

Well, I don’t know if you remember my last post about my first birthday celebration, but here’s the rest.   Today is my actual birthday, and I went to rehearsals this morning.  One of my friends kept saying my name over and over until I answered and then would say “happy birthday!”  When that got old, he kept doing it.

We sang and danced for three hours, and when I was exhausted, they cornered me and sang to me.  Now, let me explain something here.  There are somewhere between fifty and sixty kids in a proportionately small room.  They are all theatre kids, so they’re taught to sing loudly and project.  They did.  I was scared to death.  It was loud.

After that, we found out that someone else had a birthday too, so I got to blend in with the crowd and blast their ears out.  Let me tell you, it’s okay when you’re singing too.  When you aren’t singing and everyone is singing at you, it is terrifying.

Well, after that ordeal we cleaned up the studio and left.  Because it’s friday, it isn’t such a good idea to get on the highway until the restricted lanes are actually restricted, so we went to McDonald’s and got ice cream.

Now before you observant people go and comment, let me tell my story.  My turn to talk now.  No, no, wait your turn.  Sorry, that’s another rabbit trail isn’t it?  We were standing at the counter to order.  First of all, my eight year old sister (back left in the pic) was taller than our cashier who looked like she was the manager.  We’re talking short!  I mean, well, yeah.  She was short.  We came in and ordered four hot fudge sundaes and two caramel sundaes and a chocolate milkshake.  Then it was mentioned that this was for my birthday.  The cashier told me to come up closer to the counter and told me, “the sundae is her treat, now this is mine!  what do you want?  Do you want a cookie?”  Going along, I just said, “Sure, a cookie sounds good.”  “What kind?  Chocolate chip?”  “Sure.  Chocolate chip is great!”

Then she gave me three chocolate chip cookies on the house!  Seriously, this is what happened!

So we made it home without any trouble after that.  When we did get home, I opened the presents sitting on the table.  I got a box of sprees from my sister, a basketball (yeeeeeeeesssssss!) from my mom, something else Celtic Thunder that wasn’t there yet from my mom, a stationery set from my aunt (along with a gift card to Kohl’s), and a check from my grandparents.  Mom’s taking me and a couple of my friends out tomorrow, and we’re going to get manicures and walk around the mall or something like that.

I’ll update you on all of that when it’s happened.


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