My Best Friends

I don’t usually consider myself the kind, loving, compassionate older sister (mom and dad, that was not an invitation to comment…) but after what I put myself through last night, at least my brother has no reason to complain.

What happened was we were sitting around the table with our best friends.  We had been eating pretzel rods out of one of those cylindrical containers.  (I know, huge homeschooler word.  Bear with me)  😉


One of us ate the last crumb of pretzels, and my brother didn’t see it.  He asked for a pretzel, and one of our friends told him to eat the salt out of the bottom of the container.  He was about to, but I know how weak his stomach is.  Just before he tipped it back, I snatched it out of his hand and accepted the dare for myself.  As I looked at the amount of salt in there, I asked if they’d let me take it in three swallows.  We argued for almost three minutes, then one of them agreed.  I told my brother to get me a cup of water before I started.  When he protested, I told him it was the least he could do.  He begrudgingly (sorry, I’ve been practicing for a spelling test) got up and got me one.  He almost got sick just watching me eat the first mouthful.  At that point, I was glad I was the one eating it, not him.  That could have gotten ugly.Image

I could suddenly taste an eruption of salt in my mouth.  You don’t want to know what that feels like.  Trust me.  Don’t start any of that “why should I trust you?” stuff.  Not here.  Not now.  Not about this.  Not ever.  But I’m getting off topic.  Anyways, it was an awful sacrifice on my part.  The rest was plain stupidity.  Sorry, Mom, it was.

I could have stopped there and then.  I knew that.  I didn’t.  At that point, it was because of the dare.  I knew that if I were to take it in three swallows I would have to take bigger mouthfuls than the first one.  I took a huge mouthful and you don’t want to know what I thought.  Once again, trust me here.  I somehow managed to swallow all of the salt in my mouth, then I grabbed the cup of water my brother had eventually put two tablespoons of water in for me.

I remember saying, “sorry guys, I can’t go anymore”.  We’d agreed that I couldn’t drink the water until I was done.  I was done.  It doesn’t matter that as I write this there is still more salt in the container.  I was done.  I gulped the water, and it was warm.

Do you want to know what can be worse than a mouthful of pure salt?  A cup of warm water after a mouthful of warm salt.  I needed something to eat.  Something not salty.  Needless to say, there were only pretzels.  I had to refill my cup three times in quick succession.  Then I attempted to eat a pretzel just for the bready taste.  Then I felt the salt on it and I literally threw it back.

My stomach is still queasy thinking about it now.  I eventually brought myself to eat a pretzel today, so I’m not sodichloridiphobic.  That’s afraid of salt for all of you uncreative people out there.

And the moral is, don’t ever submit to peer pressure.  Except when I started, the peer pressure was telling me not to eat it.  So forget that moral.  Seriously, disregard that entire last paragraph!



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