Birthdays Just Keep Getting Better!!!

Well, my birthday isn’t until March 9th, but because my parents are split up, I got to celebrate it with my dad on the 3rd!  After he picked us up from our first rehearsal (did I mention that we just started rehearsing for our second play?) we went all over looking for a Thai restaurant because I wanted shrimp pad Thai for dinner.  First we got lost looking for one restaurant, then we found it and it wasn’t there.  We went to another one, and when it had been removed as well, we sat in the parking lot and Dad found one on his phone’s gps.  Surprisingly enough, that one was there.  On our way in, we saw some adorable little girl scouts trying to sell cookies, so we bought thin mints (is there any other kind?).  After we got into the restaurant, we ordered our three orders of spicy shrimp pad Thai, level 1, and then we sat and waited.  Actually, there were only two chairs and there were four of us, so we stood and waited.  We talked to one of the employees who was tired and couldn’t wait for her shift to be over.  She had another three hours to work, though.  The food was made as quickly as they had said it would be, which I was personally impressed by.  We paid and went home.  Because I was likely to get three cakes, I didn’t want them all to be the same.  I’d asked my dad to pick up an ice cream cake, which he did.  We got home, watched “Believe in Me” while we ate (my sister had egg rolls instead of pad Thai), and then Dad brought in the big box that had been on the porch when we pulled up.  It was only marked by an address, so I was perfectly clueless.  It was a normal rectangular cardboard box (about waist high, eighteen inches wide, three inches deep) so the shape didn’t help my psychic, or, uhh, lucky guessing.  😉  So I open the top of the box, look into it expectantly, and what do I see but another box.  I pulled it out, and it was triangular.  When I lifted the top off, I saw paper.  At this point, I had an inkling of an idea of what it was.  Excitedly, I moved the paper to discover that I was right.  It was a black acoustic guitar, complete with a spare string, a pitch thingy, a bag (case), and a black strap.  It’s purty!!!!  And I can play things on it!!!

I also received a black Ryan Kelly hoodie, which I’m wearing right now.  I also got the laptop I’m writing this on back.  There had been a problem with the power transformer before, and it didn’t charge up.  Right now, though, it’s perfectly fine.  I have a pretty good new song that I’m going to toss up here because I’m really happy about it.  It’s actually just a poem, but it’s really sad and really, um, how do I explain it?  I titled it plea, because I didn’t think anything else really fit.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  Sorry I haven’t posted again till now.  I forgot my url, forgot my username, and then forgot my password.  So, I’ll be better about it now!!!


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